Latest Update


Feb 20, 2024
ver 1.2.90

【New Features】

-Localization has been extended.

Brazilian Portuguese


-Bug FIxed.


Dec 13, 2022
ver 1.2.8

【New Features】

-Supported for Chinese(Simplified and Traditional)



-Brushed up English translation.


-Adjusted the number of attacks of some enemies


-Added dialogue during battle in Izuna.


-Small brushed up UI.


-Icons for some Soulbits and Abilities have been redesigned.







-Adjusted Classic filter.


-Changed so that the classic filter can be used from the beginning.


Oct 10, 2022
ver 1.2.7

【New Features】

-Added an event that makes it possible to observe souls that are unique enhancement items.


-Added several unique enhancement items



-Changed so that removed enhanced items can be used again.


-Changed so that a Removepatch is no longer required to remove enhanced items.-Discontinued the sale of Removepatch.


-Changed the name of already-obtained Removepatch to "JunkMod".


-"JunkMod" can be sold for the same amount of money as the purchase of a Removepatch.


-Revised the probability of additional enhancement slots for drop items to occur upward.


-Tweaked some of the enemies in Game Mode Hard to make them easier to conquer.


-Option to turn off effects during battle added(iOS)

Sept 12, 2022

【New Features】

-NEW:Option to turn off effects during battle added

Sept 8, 2022
ver 1.2.6

【New Features】

-NEW:Overall map of the area added


-NEW:Shortcut button to mission screen added



-Upgraded performance of some Soulflows

July 29, 2022
ver 1.2.5

【New Features】

-NEW: New Souldriver and Ability added - available early in the game



-English localization brushup!!!


-Rebalanced "Hard" difficulty level to make it more enjoyable to tackle


-Rebalanced some endgame Gates to make them more enjoyable to tackle


-Added effects to some rare Accessories


-Various bug fixes and improvements

June 16, 2022
ver 1.2.4


-The probability of obtaining enemy drop items has been revised upward.


-The appearance rate of silver worms and gold worms in some dungeons has been revised upward.


-Various bug fixes and improvements

May 22, 2022
ver 1.2.3

【New Features】


・English localization brushup!


・NEW: Late-game Genzo rejoin event

After the ending, Genzo will rejoin the party if you visit a specific location while meeting certain conditions.
After he joins, you will be able to switch active and reserve (standby) members from the EQUIP screen. (NEW feature!)
Genzo can be customized with unique abilities that he learns when you complete certain side missions.
*Difficulty-wise, this event is endgame content.
*The conditions can be met before beating the game, so the event may occur if you happen to visit this location.


・NEW: Souldriver & Gear & Arts & Ability added!




    -Burst effect:
      Burst effect 0 ⇨ 7 : DeadlyDive, MirageCrossfire
      Burst effect 4 ⇨ 9 : Extermination
    -Stronger elemental effect for friendly Arts:
      Blaze, Freeze, Spark, Blast, Quake
      Eruption, Blizzard, Impulse, Cyclone, Gradine
      BlazeRiser, FreezeRiser, StormRiser, SparkRiser, EarthRiser
    -Effect increased:


・Modules can now be set from the EQUIP screen to the ENHANCE SLOTs.


・Various bug fixes and improvements


ver 1.2.2

【Game Balance Adjustment】

・Adjusted of the ARTS

Burst effect  0 ⇨ 4
Burst effect. 2 ⇨ 4
Burst effect  3 ⇨ 7
 Eruption, Blizzard, Cyclone, Impulse, Gradine
Burst effect. 4 ⇨ 7
 HyperSlash, HyperStinger, HyperSmash, HyperShot

【Other Adjustment】
・Bugs Fixes

ver 1.2.0

【New Features】

・English added to language

The language will be automatically switched when the application is launched depending on the language setting of the device.


A new feature has been added to the navigation menu that allows users to browse terms, people, and other information to learn more about the game's world.
Additions and locks in the text will be released as progress is made.

・Gearbox  added

By examining the gearboxes located in specific areas, up to 100 pieces of gear can be deposited.
*The contents of the gearboxes will be shared among gearboxes in all areas.




・New Area added

・New Souldriver & Arts & Ability added

・New Gears added

Several other powerful gears have been added, including accessories with effects that increase experience, drop rates, and encounter rates.

・New Enemys & Sub Mission  added


・Rematch events with strong enemies have been added


・A worm gate has been added where the Silver Worm appears



・New dialogue at the start of boss battles has been added
・The ability to display the direction from which you are moving in the dungeon has been added


【Game Balance Adjustment

・Adjusted the balance of strong enemies in the early stages of the game
・Adjusted initial equipment of Genzo

Other Adjustment

・Enlarged display of notations in NaviMenu
・Font size adjustment
・Adjusted UI display position when using items in battle
・Bugs Fixes